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          2. Disposable sterile syringes wi THE DISPOSABLE USE ASEPAIS INJECTOR

            Name:Disposable sterile syringes with needle 50ml

            Model:50m lwith needle

            Product Overview:Has three types of 6815 needle injection


            Detailed Description

            1、50ml syringe using three-structure;

            2、 LURE head There are three structures in LURE head;

            3、Packaging made of medical grade PP film for medical dialysis paper, packaging, reliable easy-open;

            4、EO sterilization of this product, because of a unique composite of paper and plastic packaging, sterilization more thoroughly, less residues of ethylene oxide;

            5、To meet the clinical requirements, this product can be customized according to customer requirements to split, Siamese, paper, plastic bags and other packaging;

            6、This product is equipped with a needle through two grinding tip of triangular surfaces with high quality, sharp, no Burr Barb。

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